Rome over the shoulder.

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A heady mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy's hot-blooded capital is one of the world's most romantic and charismatic cities.

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Things to Know

Skip the Spanish Steps. Limit those churches. Don't eat pasta with a spoon. And 11 other things you need to know before visiting Rome.

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Best Neighborhoods

A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the dolce vita lifestyle as gorging on art and culture. Here's a look at the city's top neighborhoods.

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Day Trips

From Rome's surrounding Lazio region to Florence, Naples and Pompeii, amazing sights are all within day-trip range of Italy’s capital.

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Money and Costs

There’s no need for the Eternal City to leave you eternally broke. The city offers myriad ways to visit in style while saving money.

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Find your way around in Rome with this guide to transportation and tickets.

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Free Things to Do

Visiting Rome on a budget? These are the best free experiences in Italy's capital city.

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Traveling with Kids

From the Colosseum to the catacombs, and sprawling parks to virtual time travel, Rome promises a memorable trip for the whole family.

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The 6 best neighborhoods in Rome

Aug 4, 2023 • 10 min read


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