Lonely Planet is currently closed for pitches. We welcome you to read our guidelines below for a sense of the kinds of content we publish across our print and digital products. We will update this page when we're accepting pitches in the future

Lonely Planet Pitching Guidelines

Covering experiences as diverse as the latest art galleries in Lagos to rafting adventures in Arizona, Lonely Planet is looking for contributors who can tell a wide range of evocative stories.

Our contributors have their finger on the pulse of the destinations they cover, as well as a knack for research and sourcing information from subject matter experts. They embody a sense of openness and curiosity about the world and its people, communities and experiences. Most of all, they’re great writers who can capture a sense of place and inspire, while also providing useful, practical travel advice.

We are especially interested in stories from groups historically marginalized in the world of travel storytelling, including Black and Indigenous writers, other writers of color, and writers with disabilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of content we’re looking for:

Daily Stories - Digital

What we’re looking for: 1000-word articles that analyze the stories beyond the headlines. They have a longer shelf life than a traditional news story but are still “of the moment” – e.g. explainer pieces, festival advice.

We cover topics from all over the globe: arts and culture, identity, history, nature, outdoors, sustainability and heritage. Stories need to be informative, engaging and packed with personality. They should speak to a global audience.

Right now, we’re specifically looking for:

Festivals - An advice article that delves into the history and context of the festival while giving specific, detailed advice about how to enjoy the event this year. We prefer nicher events (but would be open to bigger festivals covered in a niche way). Because these are typically published before an event takes place, we are not interested in pitches based on your upcoming experience of the event. Recent examples:
Love Parade 2022: Berlin's techno fest returns,
The ultimate guide to Edinburgh's Fringe Festival for first-timers

In the news - A think-piece or explainer on a recent travel trend or something in the news. Recent examples have included articles on why tourist taxes are on the increase and what it means for travelers. Recent example:
Swimwear bans and ID bracelets - what to know about Italy's latest beach and resort rules

Experiential events - A deeper look at events or trends. Recent examples:
What do in London in summer 2022,
How to enjoy hiking in 2022

First-person guidance - A personal but authoritative guidance article on a specific travel experience. Recent examples:
I rafted through the Grand Canyon,
I walked the Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santiago

Rates: Rates are approx $400 per piece, depending on word count, research required, interviews, photo sourcing, etc. We may increase rates based on the writer’s experience, access, amount of reporting involved and stories about communities that have often been overlooked in travel coverage.

Features - Digital

What we’re looking for: We are looking for in-depth narratives that get at not only where we travel, but why we travel and how we travel. These are personal travelogues, on-the-ground reportage, and thoughtful pieces that take underrepresented or surprising perspectives on our rapidly changing world.

Lonely Planet features can take a number of forms, from multimedia spreads to longform written stories, but they all immerse our readers in the magic of travel and so should resonate with people regardless of whether they are planning a trip or not. We want stories that encourage our readers to experience the world more fully; to travel with more intention and with a greater sense of responsibility.

Rates: The rate for features starts at $0.60 per word and depends on the scope of the story and the contributor’s expertise.

This is your brain on Antarctica: penguins, icebergs, and a lifetime supply of awe - Lonely Planet
The man behind Madrid's most unusual cathedral, and the last-ditch effort to save it
In Algeria’s Tassili N’Ajjer National Park, a land of rock forests and stone giants
In Nairobi, travel remains a pipe dream
Tragedy and resilience among the Sherpa people of the Himalaya
Sean Sherman is revitalizing Native American cuisine
COVID-19 took my senses of taste and smell but Portugal's Alentejo region revived them

Destination Experts - Print & Digital

What we’re looking for: We’re always looking to expand our pool of destination experts. We're looking for people with a deep love for and knowledge of destinations around the globe. Ideally, you should be living there or have traveled through it extensively in the last 18 months.

Our readers are interested in story-worthy, life-changing experiences away from the everyday – things to do, learn and see that change their perspective, push their boundaries and immerse them in the moment.

These projects could include online articles on the best museums in Madrid or Alaska’s most essential experiences, as well as the latest guidebook chapter on Tokyo or the Algarve.

Rates: Rates start at $275 per article, depending on word count, research required, interviews, photo sourcing, etc. We may increase rates based on the writer’s experience, access, amount of reporting involved and stories about communities that have often been overlooked in travel coverage.

The best beaches in Kaua‘i
Italy’s fabulous five: planning your visit to the Cinque Terre
Best national parks in Colombia for volcanoes, glaciers, scuba diving and more
Experience Iceland
Pocket New York City
Lonely Planet Japan

How to pitch

Digital: For all types of digital content pitches, use this form (temporarily closed). Be sure to select what type of pitch you’re submitting, and fill out all necessary information. We review these pitches weekly, but due to the volume of the pitches we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

Print: Guidebook writers will need to complete a series of assessments that all our print contributors have to pass with flying colors. If you want to apply, please fill out the Guidebook Writer Application Form. We will be in touch only if your skills and experience match our needs.

Other things you should know

Payment terms and process: We strive to pay promptly. Our editorial team works to approve payment upon acceptance of the submission (often this might be after a revision or two), and our finance team is committed to net 30 payment terms upon receipt of invoice.

Copyrights: In most cases, our contracts grant Lonely Planet an irrevocable, royalty free, right and license to edit, alter, translate, publish, reproduce and communicate the Work (including any Social Posts) worldwide, in any and all media, in perpetuity for any purpose and the right to sub-licence these rights to third parties.

This license is exclusive for the first 36 months after the date the Work is first published and non-exclusive thereafter.

Press trips and free travel: We recognize that press trips and hosted stays are often a necessity for writers to generate stories, familiarize themselves with destinations and make contacts. We do occasionally consider pitches based on both past and future press trips, but we ask that any pitch based on a press trip be flagged in the initial pitch. If your trip is part of a group trip, be sure to make it unique – we don’t want the same story as 10 other journalists.